A wonderful way to enjoy the sea…

Essaouira is known by the beauty of her nature, you can discover the other side of city in a unusual way, we offer to our guests the opportunity to live a special experience. The far you get, the more you explore…

A little story about dromedary

Most known as the ship of the desert because of its walk, which is much like the motion of a ship at sea, is a patient and useful animal that we are attached to. Used in caravans In earlier times, they were a way of  transportation for families and goods, and nowadays the camel is essentially used for racing in the golf countries and over her you can have a walk beside the beach and get the pleasure of the sea.

I call it the “Love ride”

Two people can have a ride on one dromedary which can be very romantic specially in the sunset, a remarkable feeling that will mark your visit for life. It’s all about memories and i think that when we feel the moment makes it unforgettable!